In His Mercy - עזרא ביק

This concise and useful book of Hilchot Kashrut is specially crafted fo the modern Jewish home. Researched and written by Rabbi Pinchas Cohen, a faculty memeber at Yeshivat Har Etzion in alon Shevut, Israel, it covers a range of frequently asked questions, such as: Can one use a dishwasher for both milk and meat dishes? and What is Glatt Kosher? A Practical Guide to the Laws of Kashrut is a comprehensive guide for those setting out to make a Kosher kitchen, and a valuable reference for those more informed about Kashrut issues.


מבצע 2 ב-100 2 50


מבצע מיוחד

ספרו החדש של הרב יהודה ברנדס המקף והאליפסה במחיר מבצע 50 ש"ח